Sunday, August 30, 2009


One of my Readers, borg_queen, said...

Hi, can you please make a post ranking who the hottest and most good looking of your guys are? Who's got the best body, face, cock, etc.?

Please be objective and don't just put Cherry Boi at the top. lol thanks

Thank you, borg_queen, for the suggestion. It got me considering my good fortunate lately. So, after pondering it for a few days, here is my overall rating of the guys that I have named on this Blog:

Bottoms I have fucked and Blogged about ---

Number 1 may come as a surprise to everyone, but it is not cherryboi. It is the Marine. He is in his 30's, 6'4" with the trademark "high and tight" haircut. He is a perfectly formed man. Extremely hot! Need I say more? All around best looking and best body. Being a real Marine with the Tat may have pushed him to Number 1.

Number 2 is D. My Metro fuck buddy. He really does look like this Sean Cody model - Ben. A 28-yo white all-American boy-next-door type. He is about 6'1", 180 pounds with a massive uncut cock and has hazel-green eyes and brown hair. He is lean, worked out with just enough hair in the right places. All around great looking, great body, best cock and the best sex! He may be the hottest guy I have ever fucked, but what really makes it hot is that it is virtually NSA. He doesn't seem to want more and definitely doesn't ask for more. We have socialized a few times. We even lifted at the gym together twice. I can have him whenever I want him. I got a text message today from him - "u around?" Our code for my ass is yours if you want it.

Number 3 is cherryboi. He is now 27, 6'1", bl, bl. 178, 32"w, athletic build, 7” cut cock and eager. All around great looking, great body, great cock and the most passionate giving sex. He is also a sweet guy and he is mine. He actually read a book to learn how to give better blowjobs. Very hot! He gave me his cherry and we have become great friends.

Number 4 is Gareth. I first saw Gareth standing on a train platform in Switzerland. He is 25, 6’1”, large uncut cock, with a great body and a good head on his shoulders. He has a lean and cut European build. Hot! hot! hot! You can't forget that "british" prep look and the accent either. Somehow, I have managed to keep a really long-distance connection with him. We exchange e-mails all the time. I keep telling him that it is his turn to come to me.

Number 5 is K. I am not going to go into a lot of details about K. Read the posts.

Number 6 is Guy from the Corner Store. He is in his 30's, 5' 11". lean and very cute with sandy-brown hair and green eyes. He also has one fantastic ass and it is always tight! I don't write about this guy often, but I see him all the time around the neighborhood. We have hooked-up several more times. Each time he wants cum. He has a wife and a baby. I now know him and his wife by name, so it is a little uncomfort to get specific about boning him too. I will say these happily-married bottoms fascinate me.

Number 7 is The Cop. He is 30, 5'11", very muscular with sandy-brown hair and he is a Cop. He is almost too muscular for my taste. But, he is one extremely nice guy. I'd say we are friends at this point. Nothing quite compares to fucking a submissive Cop. He has an uncanny knack for calling at the perfect time.

Number 8 is The Married Guy. He is in his 30's with a lean and muscular body including six-pack with a nice light trail. He has boyish good looks and a devilish smile. He has sex appeal. There is something magnetic about this guy. And he is totally straight-acting living a straight life. Hot! Lets face it. It's hot fucking a married guy.

I hope to keep adding to the list!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am looking for a totally anonymous cockslut

I may regret this, but I have decided to try something new with this Blog. I have always had the wildest fantasies about totally anonymous sex, so I am looking for a totally anonymous cockslut to use. Want to be my totally anonymous fuckbuddy?

If being used by me when I have the urge for some anonymous ass appeals to you, Email Me with some pics, your age and stats along with more than one sentence on why I should choose you to use totally anonymously.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Status Update

I am alive everybody:) I really appreciate all of the positive comments and e-mails about the Blog and my lack of posting recently. Life, work and things have kept me occupied this Summer. Things are fine. Life just makes it hard to blog sometimes. I still have a sexlife and my sexcapades continue, I just haven't had the time or motivation to sit down and write lately.

I started a long post about my trip to Calistoga, California at the end of May, but haven't finished it. I definitely plan to. It was a trip to remember!

Monday evening after I finished with some dinner, I was surfing Craigslist and came across a simple post that said:

horny young latino guy looking to suck cock now. write back with stats and pics for mine

I wrote a quick response with my stats and a pic. Within 3 e-mails, the horny young latino guy was on his way to my place. His pics were sparse, but he claimed to be 19, 6.0', 180 lbs. When I answered the door an incredibly young and innocent-looking latino boy was standing outside. The stats were accurate enough and he was definitely a hottie, but I immediately doubted that he was the 19 years that he claimed. He sensed my hesitation. I am sure I was pretty obvious about it.

"I will suck your cock any way that you want it!", he blurted out as we stood in my open door.

"How old are you really?", I asked.

"I swear I am 19, man. I can prove it.", he said as he fished in his pocket and produced a wallet that he literally flipped open to show me his DC driver's license.

It showed a clear picture of the horny young latino guy in front of me with a date of birth of July 21, 1990. I let him in and closed and locked the door.

"I glad you let me inside. You looked totally like you were gonna close the door in my face.", he said.

The horny young latino guy was wearing a pair of baggy grey board-shorts and a plain navy blue t-shirt. He looked positively delicious. He was anxious and it showed. He was nervous too and that showed. The whole package was hot. I thought back to my early experiences as a young guy and decided to go easy and let the boy enjoy himself.

I headed to an easy chair in the back room of my first floor. The horny young latino guy was right behind me on my heels. I got to the chair and dropped my pants. I turned around and looked him directly in the eyes and gently said, "I want you on your knees between my legs." I dropped into the chair and spread my legs. The horny young latino guy shed his t-shirt and was on his knees instantly with my nearly hard cock in his face. I watched him look at my cock for a few seconds. For a moment, I thought he was going to freeze. But there was no reason to doubt that he was there on a mission. He reached out and very hesitantly took the shaft of my cock in his hand. He was looking at it. Literally studying it.

"I am a little nervous.", he said. "This is only the second time that I have done this."

"Have you changed your mind?", I asked while he held my now fully hard cock in his hand.

"No.", he replied.

"Then suck my cock.", I said. And he did.

It was gingerly at first. He was more tentative than skilled. He kept trying different things with his mouth, tongue and hands. I figured he was trying everything he had ever seen in porn bjs. Rather than being a great blowjob, it was hot watching him enjoy my cock.

Then out of total left field he asked, "Can I kiss you?"

"Yes.", I replied.

The horny young latino guy came up from between my legs alongside me on the chair and we started to kiss. It was totally fucking sweet. We kissed and he felt my face. After a minute or so, he wrapped his arms around me as we kissed. Then as quickly as we had started to kiss, he stopped and went back down and started sucking my cock again. Now he was more relaxed and less ginger in his sucking. Finally, he wrapped one hand around the base and started to really work my cock.

I felt a familiar pressure building and gently reached down and pushed his head down on my throbbing cock. As I pushed down, I began to let loose with an intense orgasm. Three or four big spurts and I fed it all to him. I could feel him try to resist, but I held his head in place. Obviously, this time the horny young latino guy became a true cocksucker.

"Swallow it all!", I said firm. "Don't waste a drop", I commanded him and he did.

When I released my hold on his head, I told him, "Now lick it clean!". I leaned my head back in the chair and enjoyed his eager tongue licking my cock and balls.

When I finally looked down at him, he had the biggest grin on his face. "Wow!", he said.

"Wow!", I said.